Lexicons ordered by frequency are marked , those ordered alphabetically — αβ.

General lexicon

All lexemes8676αβ All lexemes except proper names5981αβ

Contentful parts of speech

Nouns3790αβ Verbs1635αβ Adjectives404αβ Adverbs92αβ

Functional parts of speech

Interjections21αβ Prepositions27αβ Demonstrative pronouns20αβ Personal pronouns16αβ Conjunctions17αβ Particles11αβ Interrogatives6 Negatives3 Pronouns3 Relative pronouns2

Proper nouns by meaning

Persons1772αβ Locations999αβ Gentilics280αβ Titles72αβ

2014 — 2022 Institute for Biblical Content. Biblical Hebrew for linguists: a multilingual analytical biblical Hebrew lexicon.
Implemented as part of the research project at the ENS by M.Seveleu-Dubrovnik, PhD. Uses Jekyll.
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