Demonstrative pronouns ordered alphabetically

20 entries marked dem

411ʾēl אֵל ‘these’ 412ʾēl אֵל ‘these’ 428ʾēlleh אֵ֫לֶּה ‘these’ 429ʾēlleh אֵלֶּה ‘these’ 459ʾillēn אִלֵּין ‘these’ 479ʾillēxᵊ אִלֵּךְ ‘these’ 581ʾinnūn אִנּוּן ‘they / they(fem.)’ 1454gēh גֵּה ‘this’ 1668dāʾ דָּא ‘this’ 1791dēxᵊ דֵּךְ ‘this’ 1797dikkēn דִּכֵּן ‘this’ 1836dᵊnā דְּנָה ‘this’ 1975hallāz הַלָּז ‘this’ 1976hallāzeh הַלָּזֶה ‘this’ 1977hallēzū הַלֵּ֫זוּ ‘this’ 2063zōʾt זֹאת ‘this’ 2088zeh זֶה ‘this’ 2090zōh זֹה ‘this’ 2097 זוֹ ‘this’ 2098 זוּ ‘this’

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Implemented as part of the research project at the ENS by M.Seveleu-Dubrovnik, PhD.
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