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383ʾītay אִיתַי ‘there is’ 518ʾim אִם ‘if / that if’ 637ʾaf אַף ‘also’ 645ʾēfō אֵפוֹ ‘then’ 853ʾēt אֵת ‘[Obj.]’ 994 בִּי ‘please’ 1107bilʿădē בִּלְעֲדֵי ‘beside’ 1768 דִּי ‘that’ 3426yēš יֵשׁ ‘be’ 3487yāt יָת ‘whom’ 5705ʿad עַד ‘till’

2014 — 2024 Institute for Biblical Content. Biblical Hebrew for linguists: a multilingual analytical biblical Hebrew lexicon.
Implemented as part of the research project at the ENS by M.Seveleu-Dubrovnik, PhD.
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