Particles ordered by frequency

11 entries marked part

853ʾēt אֵת ‘[Obj.]’ 518ʾim אִם ‘if / that if’ 1768 דִּי ‘that’ 3426yēš יֵשׁ ‘be’ 637ʾaf אַף ‘also’ 5705ʿad עַד ‘till’ 383ʾītay אִיתַי ‘there is’ 1107bilʿădē בִּלְעֲדֵי ‘beside’ 645ʾēfō אֵפוֹ ‘then’ 994 בִּי ‘please’ 3487yāt יָת ‘whom’

2014 — 2024 Institute for Biblical Content. Biblical Hebrew for linguists: a multilingual analytical biblical Hebrew lexicon.
Implemented as part of the research project at the ENS by M.Seveleu-Dubrovnik, PhD.
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