Personal pronouns ordered alphabetically

16 entries marked p, p fp, p fs, p mp, p ms

576ʾănāʾ אֲנָא ‘me’ 580ʾănū אֲנוּ ‘we’ 586ʾănaḥnāʾ אֲנַ֫חְנָא ‘we’ 587ʾănaḥnū אֲנַ֫חְנוּ ‘we’ 589ʾănī, ʾānōxī אֲנִי, אָֽנֹכִ֫י ‘I’ 595ʾānōxī אָֽנֹכִ֫י ‘I’ 607ʾantā אַנְתָּה ‘you’ 608ʾantūn אַנְתּוּן ‘you’ 859ʾattā אַתָּ֫ה ‘you(m.s.) / you(f.s.) / you(f.s.) / you(m.p.) / you’ 1931hūʾ הוּא ‘he/she/it’ 1932hūʾ הוּא ‘he/she/it’ 1992hēmmā הֵ֫מָּה ‘they(masc.)’ 1994himmō הִמּוֹ ‘they’ 2004hēn הֵן ‘they(fem.)’ 2007hēnnā הֵנָּה ‘they(fem.)’ 5168naḥnū נַ֫חְנוּ ‘we’

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