Prepositions ordered by frequency

27 entries marked prep

4480min- מִן־ ‘from / portion’ 5921ʿal עַל ‘upon’ 413ʾel אֶל ‘to(wards)’ 1004bēt בֵּית ‘between / house’ 5704ʿad עַד ‘till’ 5973ʿim עִם ‘with / from with’ 854ʾēt אֵת ‘with’ 4616maʿan מַ֫עַן ‘because’ 996bayin בַּ֫יִן ‘between’ 5048neged נֶ֫גֶד ‘before’ 4481min מִן ‘from’ 5922ʿal עַל ‘upon’ 1157baʿad בַּ֫עַד ‘about/through/for’ 2962ṭerem טֶ֫רֶם ‘before’ 5668ʿāvūr עָבוּר ‘for the sake of’ 5978ʿimmād עִמָּד ‘with me’ 6925qŏdām קֳדָם ‘before’ 1767day דַּי ‘enough’ 5974ʿim עִם ‘with’ 1119bᵊmō בְּמוֹ ‘in/at/by’ 3926lᵊmō לְמוֹ ‘upon’ 8460tᵊḥōt תְּחוֹת ‘under’ 997bēn בֵּין ‘between’ 3890lᵊwāt לְוָת ‘with’ 5049neged נֶ֫גֶד ‘before’ 8479taḥat תַּחַת ‘under’ 3942lifnāy לִפְנָ֑י ‘before’

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